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Share your requests and praises while praying for our Radiant members and the people of Bolivia. Click the button below to submit your request. Bright Hope will review all prayers and we reserve the right to edit for length, privacy, or other reasons. If you need help, email us at

I give thanks for Bright Hope and our growing relationships with our Bolivian brothers and sisters. Please pray for healing for my mother who has been battling cancer for many years.

Trish Ryan

Please pray for our struggling church family. We have had many challenges in the past year. We pray for the Lord to find us faithful workers and to keep our hearts in line with His will.

Phil and Judy

Father, thank you for your church, and for the technology that helps us be one body even across 1,000’s of miles. Guide us all to seek your face, and humbly serve each other and our communities.


Lord I pray for the hearts of those far from you that their hearts of stone would be turned to hearts of flesh. That You Lord would be the center of each and every precious life.


If I could ask you to pray for our strength…to be strengthened by the Lord to continue doing His work. Pray for my husband and my family to be instruments of the Lord until He comes.

Olivia, Pastor’s Wife
Jesus es el Señor Church

I am so grateful to the Lord for everything He has done in my life. Pray that God gives me strength to continue and if God permits, that I can continue working in the church.

Susana, Volunteer
Hosanna Church

Praying for you our dear friends in Bolivia. I would ask prayer for Bright Hope as we head into our low contribution season from June-Aug. Pray that God will provide funding to sustain our projects and programs around the world.

C.H. Dyer

Pray for our children’s after-school program. Our prayer requests are for the emotional state of the children. Pray that they can begin to become young leaders. That they can have hearts to serve the Lord and be a generation to impact their society.

Gloria, Director of Children’s Program
La Roca Church

Pray for our community of El Alto. We struggle heavily with alcoholism, especially youth. This leads to dysfunctional families and children from these homes. Also, please pray that we can be a church that not only receives, but is also able to give. We hope to stabilize and strengthen our church to produce fruit so we can influence other churches and our community.

Emiliana, Teaching Pastor
La Roca Church

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