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Come join this exclusive course where you will have an opportunity to build meaningful connections with communities living in extreme poverty and learn how to make a lasting impact in the lives of the extreme poor.

Six great reasons to become a Radiant member:

Biblical Perspective on Poverty

By joining the Radiant Membership Program, every month you’ll be obeying and acting on scriptural principles and start receiving the blessings promised in Scripture when you give to the poor.

Finish the Radiant Poverty Course

Eight more weeks of amazing content in short, five-minute videos that help you grow in each of the 5 Indicators of Transformation. Learning, growing and using the principles we present will transform your heart for the poor and your lifetime of giving to the extreme poor.

Connection to a poor community

Knowing who you are helping and where your gifts are making an impact is an amazing blessing. You will be connected to an impoverished community to witness firsthand the transformation in people’s lives from extreme poverty to self-sufficiency. In this course you will receive updates and stories through videos and live interviews that will touch your soul with meaning and purpose.

Engagement exchanges

Exchange prayer requests with your community members through Radiant’s Prayer Exchange and a special gift exchange will be offered every year after that.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Gain access to a members only, “Closed Group” Facebook group including Live sessions with C.H. Dyer and your new overseas friends and community, and have opportunities to get your questions answered.

World-class expertise

Your host, C.H. Dyer, has traveled to over 75 countries and run programs and projects across the globe.

Pastor Cleto from Hossana church in Oruro, Bolivia is facing a difficult time. He has cataracts in both eyes and it decreased its vision. Please join us praying for him.

C.H. Dyer

Pray for Andrés Tapia, a 15-year-old youth. He was diagnosed with leukemia, he still does not know God. His mother passed away, he had a very troubled family and his leukemia is in the terminal stage; pray he can see the love of God and the restoration of his health.

Agua Viva de la Roca Church
Oruro, Bolivia

For Arminda M. and Elisa F.; both are leading a Child Care Center attended by 300 children; pray especially for their health and that the Lord provide volunteers to help them with the care of these 300 children.

Catavi Church
Llallagua, Bolivia

Through Radiant we will be growing in each of the 5 Indicators of Radiance:

1. Understanding of Poverty

We will be exploring, in depth, what works and what doesn’t work in helping communities rise out of extreme poverty. We will also learn how a holistic model of development improves our impact and what tactics hinder development as well as about economic development and the risks of focusing on handouts and relief aid.

2. Community Connection

We have chosen a community for you and your monthly contributions to impact. As part of this, a mutual transformation expert will introduce us to key church leaders, lay leaders and community members who are receiving the help and assistance Bright Hope has to offer. Each week for the first two months we will be hearing from our community host and be inspired by their lives and faithfulness to God.

3. Sharing of our talents

This is where Radiant is breaking barriers and plowing new ground. Our goal is to have one to two activities per year where you can employ your spiritual gifts, beyond the gift of giving. During the first two months, we have an activity planned as well as other surprises in store that will have us engaging with our community in poverty.

4. Celebrating Transformation

As we will soon discover, God will not only transform our community and the people living there during the months to come, but He will also transform our lives. We need to recognize the changes happening in both communities and celebrate by giving God the glory for His great work in their lives and ours.

5. Sharing our story

One of the best things we can do is share our stories of transformation with others. We will have a chance to do just that in the first eight weeks.

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CH Dyer
Meet Your Host

As President of Bright Hope, C.H. Dyer (Rev., MATS) has 25 years of experience in engaging, working with, and bringing Hope to communities caught in the despair of extreme poverty.

Inspired by church leaders and congregations located in the slums and rural villages across Africa, Asia and Latin America, C.H. believes “if only we can empower and train these fledgling churches to administer excellent programs that lift people out of poverty and give eternal Hope, millions more people can break the chains of generational poverty.”

Bright Hope is a trusted name in serving the poor.


For a monthly contribution of $30 towards the Radiant Program, you’ll get:

  • to see transformation, firsthand, in the lives of the poor
  • grow in the Five Indicators of Radiance to become a Radiant Ally to the poor
  • activities and exchanges with the community you are impacting
  • 8 weeks of continued lessons about helping people out of extreme poverty
  • 8 weeks of videos from the field, meeting the people who serve and are being served overseas
  • a tax deduction for your monthly contribution of $30 or more per month

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