Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing any technical issues such as being unable to log in or need help resetting your password, please direct questions to RadiantHelp@brighthope.org for assistance.

How do I join Radiant? 
Radiant is only open during certain times of the year. We do this to ensure we can have the most direct, personal communication with participants and the communities we serve. If Radiant is not currently open, you can join the waiting list by clicking here.

How do I update my password, credit card, or contact information?
Once you’re logged in, you can update your information on the My Account page.

I am having difficulties accessing the Facebook group, who can I contact for help?
Please email RadiantHelp@brighthope.org for assistance.

I forgot my password, how can I get help?
Please email RadiantHelp@brighthope.org for assistance.

I never got my password – can you please assist me?
Your password should be included in every announcement email you get about Radiant videos. Please review those, and if you’re still having trouble, please email RadiantHelp@brighthope.org for assistance.

How can I donate above and beyond my monthly gift?
Thank you for your generosity in helping the extreme poor. One time or recurring donations to Bright Hope can be made here.

I would like to change/increase my membership level, how can I do this?
It is currently not possible to increase your membership level. However, you can make additional donations to Bright Hope here.

Can I buy a gift membership or transfer my membership?
It is currently not possible to buy a gift membership or transfer your membership to someone else.

Is a monthly donation the only option, or can I change to a quarterly or annual donation instead?
The program is set up for monthly contributions only so that you are reminded every 30 days that you are helping the poor. There are no other options at this time.

Can I make donations with checks?
We are unable to process checks for the Radiant Program, it is an online course and therefore payment has to be put on a debit or credit card.

When will I receive my tax-deductible letter?
Tax receipts are sent in January of each year.

I need to quit Radiant – can I cancel my membership and receive a refund or partial refund?
While you are able to cancel your membership at any time, we are unable to process refunds on previous donations. We are sorry to see you leave the Radiant Program and hope you consider supporting the extreme poor again in the future. To cancel your membership, please email RadiantHelp@brighthope.org for assistance.

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